Hi, Husband

One of my dearest friends has a way of addressing people in the most ordinary of ways, but she somehow makes you feel entirely special and loved. When I call her, she often answers with a sweeping, “Hi, my beautiful friend!” Doesn’t take much to wonder why we’ve been friends for so long.

She and I were having dinner together at her house one evening a couple of years ago, and her husband came home from the gym. They had just recently been married, the first of our close-knit group of friends. Before he reached the dining room she called out, “Hello, husband!” in a lilting sing-song voice.  It was a simple greeting, but I remember being struck for the first time at what an intimate title “husband” or “wife” could be. She made a commonplace term sound completely endearing, a title reserved for the one precious person you chose to spend your days with. I loved it, and have been excited ever since to be able to use that same greeting.

I got married two weeks ago.

It was a lovely day, slightly overcast and breezy in the morning giving way to sun in the afternoon. My maid of honor (the wonder friend mentioned above) scooped me up in the morning for our day of relaxing and preparation. My Dad made us turkey sandwiches for lunch, my sister did our make-up, our musicians practiced in the backyard all afternoon. As the day wore on, it started to sink in what was coming and what I was about to do. My belly started doing flips, my hands started to get shaky, and I could feel tears quelling up at every mention of the evenings ceremony. It wasn’t fear, it wasn’t second thoughts, it wasn’t anything except realizing the weight of what I was about to commit to. It felt huge and simple all at the same time. It was opening up to a lifetime of greeting my sweet man home by saying, “Hi, husband.”

“Where you love somebody a whole lot, and you know that person loves you, that’s the most beautiful place in the whole world.”

– Excerpt from The Most Beautiful Place in the World by Ann Cameron

Truthfully, nothing tremendous has changed in our day-to-day since becoming husband and wife. We also didn’t enter into this marriage riding a frothy wave of lust and romance. Our kitchen is torn up and awaiting renovation, our garden is overgrown with weeds, I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant, and we both went back to work the Monday after the wedding.

Love is a reminder to bring your bike lock key to the farmer's market.

Love is a reminder to bring your bike lock key to the farmer’s market.

But we’ve been through enough together to know that what sustains us are kind words, generous gestures, and the conscious choice to be loving to each other. Everyday. We’ve also been through enough together to know that this whole relationship thing takes work, and there will be days when we won’t feel like being loving. We have done that work to get to where we are today, and I can only imagine what that work will look like in the years to come. But for now, for today, for this season in my life; the most beautiful place in the world happens to have a torn up kitchen and an overgrown garden.

Hi, Husband.

I love you.


13 thoughts on “Hi, Husband

    • Thank you, Amber – it feels so good to share the news! I wanted to share pictures from the celebration, but alas, we don’t have them from the photographer just yet. I so loved reading your wedding post, and the recent one about your visit to Sundance. How absolutely romantic and wonderful that must have been – and so special that you two have that spot to come back to year after year. Cheers to us both being newlyweds!

  1. This entry is honest and beautiful. I’ve seldom subscribed to the Hubba-Hubba School of Romance; though, there was a period betwixt ages 17-19 in which I thought romance was not only cosmic, but earth moving in each and every moment. I now know that it is in the day-to-day, in the growing, and the choosing that love grows.

    • The Hubba-Hubba stuff is so very lovely in the beginning, and of course there are times when I miss our endless date nights and my butterflies. But wow, the “real” stuff is pretty awesome. I’m so glad you and I have both arrived at a more realistic perspective. I think the Earth can move itself just fine without help from our love affairs, don’t you think? Cheers to sharing the day-to-day sweetness!

  2. I prayed for you, friend! Hope the wedding was precious and wonderful. Looking forward to pictures!

    I love the sweet simplicity of referring to my husband as Husband and I feel warm all over when he calls me Wife. The bicycle note is such a real and perfect example of life in marriage, in relationship. Mine, in many ways, has boiled down to a sharing of help, sacrifice, and honest exchange. Such a powerful, beautiful thing. Rejoicing with you!

    • The wedding was wonderful, Jane – thank you for your prayers!

      There truly is some magic in hearing those words, isn’t there? I think you’re absolutely right that relationships boil down to a simple blend of basics. But it certainly can be easier said than done to maintain, which I suppose is where the growth and the grace come into play. Hooray for us both having June anniversaries – we can rejoice together!

  3. As much as I hate to hamstring such a lovely, well written, heart-filled blog post, I need to inform you that Barbara just usually can’t remember my first name.

  4. I love this! Congratulations! I got married on June 15th, and went from having a husband-type-person to an actual husband. And he’s my husband. We too greet each other with our new titles, because it’s the truth, and we still need to get used to it, ha!

    Anyway, congratulations again.


    • Congratulations to YOU, Lorna! A “husband-type-person” is exactly what it felt like up until this point. Introducing him as “my boyfriend” didn’t feel right after a certain stage in our relationship, so it feels great now. I’m also loving this stage of not planning for the wedding anymore – I’ll take a sigh of relief for us both for having jumped that hurdle! Cheers to June nuptials!

  5. Dearest Katie: Reading this lovely piece makes me happy and optimistic about the future of your loving family. Sharing your life with the right person adds richness to everything you do and everywhere you go. I’m sending you wishes for all possible happiness.

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