brave_juiceMy name is Katie and my heart has a deep and wide love for the small and the subtle. This blog is all about reveling in the daily, gentle accomplishments of living a life. I like to think that we all use tiny bursts of courage (our Brave Juice!) for the smaller elements of day-to-day living; the elements that ultimately turn the days of our week into the lifetime we’ve created.

Thanks for joining me here as I share my bits of Brave Juice, and hopefully encourage us all to reflect on the areas of our life that deserve a dose of celebration.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. “My heart has a deep and wide love for the small and the subtle” I especially like this. I have a motto “Be brave, be bold, be you…” sounds like with your first post and about page you have a smashing start.

    • Hi Katie, I cannot find a LIKE button on your blog or a space for comment.! Have I missed something? You need to go to the Dashboard and turn them on because I wanted to leave you a message. Good luck Tess.

      • Hi Tess,

        I’m sorry there seems to be some confusion. I’m pretty sure the comment and “like” buttons are available, and I noticed you did “Like” my “About” page. Maybe I’m missing something? Thanks for your feedback in helping me make my blog more user-friendly!

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